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Introducing the Tarantino Faux Fur Coat: where style meets cinema-inspired flair! 

Step into the director's chair of your own life and make a statement with every step you take. This coat isn't just an accessory—it's an expression of your attitude, your vision, and your willingness to play with reality. Embrace the unexpected, question norms, and above all, have fun doing it!

Crafted with care in the heart of Los Angeles, the Tarantino Faux Fur Coat is a true masterpiece. On one side, luxuriously fluffy faux fox fur envelopes you in warmth and glamour. On the flip side, bold ethnic geometrical patterns in stretchy spandex add a playful twist to your ensemble.

But the magic doesn't stop there. This coat is packed with features that will make heads turn and hearts race:
- It's reversible! Flip it inside out for a completely different look, giving you two stunning styles in one fabulous coat.
- A sleek hood with a charming collar in the front adds a touch of mystery and allure.
- The fitted cut is designed to accentuate your silhouette, with wider shoulders and a narrowed waist for that classic Hollywood allure.
- Need to carry your essentials? No problem! Two generously sized pockets on the fur side are perfect for stashing everything from water bottles to bubbly (because why not?). Plus, two zipped pockets on the lining side ensure you never lose track of your phone again.
- And with seven hooks for closure, you can cinch up your coat and conquer the world in style.

So go ahead, embrace your inner director, and make every day a cinematic adventure with the Tarantino Faux Fur Coat.

Shipping: 3-5 business days in the US, 7-10 business days international.

You can also add LEDs to this vest. Just purchase this LED listing together with the coat.

When you not sure what to do with your coat when you walk into a crowded dance floor and it suddenly gets really hot? Take it off and wear it as a backpack, use both of your hands to dance, and have a good time! 
Straps can be added on a lining side going from the center of the neck to the underarm.
Just purchase this Backpack straps listing together with your order:

It usually takes about 5-10 days to make this coat. However, we can expedite the order for an additional charge.
Some customization might be available upon request (different lining, length of the sleeve etc)

You can also create your own custom coat. Full fabric catalog is available here

Care: Dry Clean; Hand Wash; Machine wash in COLD water on Delicate. Hang Dry. No Tumble Dry, No Ironing, No Bleaching

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