About Boho Coats

BOHO Coats is a Los Angeles-based company that designs and creates the most extraordinary and unique custom faux fur coats. All of them are reversible, so you get two looks in one coat!

We help our customers unleash their imagination by creating custom one-of-a-kind coats. All our coats and vests are made from the finest quality faux fur in Los Angeles.

When you shop Boho coats you support cruelty-free and animal-friendly industry of faux fur.

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Do you like wearable Art?

We partner with Android Jones and have limited editions of Coats and Ponchos with his artworks.

Do you like wearable tech?

We developed unique technology of making Fiber Optic light up fur coats. These coats were featured at Silicon Valley Fashion Week in 2016, Maker Faire Bay Area in 2017 and Fashion Tech Asia in Hong Kong, and now are available to you.

Founder Story

Boho Coats was founded by designer and dreamer Katrina Ponina, who got inspired by Burning Man and started her “radical self-expression” through clothes creation.

Every company has a story, which becomes a history...

Hello! My name is Katrina.

In 2011 my friends decided to gift me ticket to Burning Man as a birthday present. I didn’t know much about it, and it was just around the corner, so I went there “a little” under prepared.

At one of the wonderful nights I went to the deep Playa asking Universe “What should I do in life?”. I was trying to understand whether all people are getting bored and tired at work or it’s just me. Maybe there is am activity, which can make me happy, and I still have to find it?…

Pretty soon concerns about life got combined with feeling of unbearable cold! Luckily, I jumped on the huge ship, which was passing by, and decided to take a rest. By then I couldn’t feel my fingers and nose:( With knocking teeth and thoughts about my career, I fell asleep… and saw a dream…

I was standing along and looking at the night sky and suddenly a big colorful fireball appeared and started approaching me! Here she came – beautiful, bright, colorful Firebird looked at me and said: “Honey, you need a fur coat for such night, and such life”, she smiled, turned into fire and disappeared…

I woke up and felt as if something has changed… First of all, I was warm because someone has covered me with a big colorful fur coat! And second, I couldn’t completely understand.

I went back to my camp, but words of the Firebird were still in my head. I felt so much better for some reason.

Few months after that Burning Man I was deciding on a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, and for some reason I thought I should make him a fur vest! I rushed to the store, got all the materials and went to my friend, who had a sewing machine. That was an amazing process, and when we finished, I realized that I want to make another one – for myself. And then another one – for friend’s birthday, and another one, and another one!:)

I fell in love with this process of creation and decided to take orders from people – as a hobby. Bringing warms, comfort and colorful paradise to other people’s lives is an incredible feeling!
In 2016 I quit my job (b2b marketing in a tech company – ah, San Francisco – tech-tech-tech:)
I went back to school to study fashion design, and now working hard to grow my small fur coat business. Life has become so much nicer and happier!

Firebird was right – all I needed was a fur coat… for such night, and such life.


Mini Documentary Film About Katrina and Boho Coats