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Boho Coats

Gypsy Soul Fur Coat

Gypsy Soul Fur Coat

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A Gypsy Soul is always in need of adventures... Lives a free-spirited life, believes in truth, love and freedom!

This boho reversible faux fur coat will be made to your order. You can choose different options for lining. Unleash your inner free-spirit with a Gypsy Soul and their love for adventure. This boho reversible faux fur coat is perfect for those who crave a life of truth, love, and freedom. Made to your order, you can even choose different options for the lining of your coat. Talk about customization!


❖ reversible! You get 2 looks in 1 coat.
❖ a hood
❖ 2 big pockets on the fur side (big enough to carry a bottle of water or even champagne – depends on your essentials)
❖ 2 zipped pockets on the lining side. Never lose anything again :) (can fit a phone of any size)
❖ 5 hooks for closure

You can also add LEDs and backpack straps to this coat.

When you are not sure what to do with your coat when you walk into a crowded dance floor and it suddenly gets really hot? Take it off and wear it as a backpack, use both of your hands to dance, and have a good time! Straps will be added on a lining side going from the center of the neck to the underarm.

Materials: high quality faux fur, cotton or spandex (depends on your choice), 5 covered white hooks, invisible zippers.

You can also add LEDs and backpack straps to this coat.

It usually takes 5 to 10 days from the moment of order until shipping. We use Priority shipping, which takes about 2-3 days in the US and 3-5 days internationally.


It takes about 5-7 days from the custom order until shipping. However, sometimes we can expedite the order for an additional charge. Please contact us.


We offer worldwide shipping: 1-3 business days in the US 🇺🇸; 3-5 business days Internationally 🌎


All our coats are custom-made and handcrafted specifically for you. If you're uncertain about your size, please refer to our size chart and include your detailed measurements in the order notes.


You can also create your own custom coat. See all the available materials in our Fabric Catalog and add-ons collection.


Almost all our faux fur coats can be Machine washed, on delicate, COLD water. See full instructions here.

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