Care Instructions

Discover a comprehensive guide on how to properly care for your faux fur coat, ensuring its longevity and optimal maintenance. Unlock valuable tips and techniques to keep your coat in pristine condition, preserving its beauty and allure.

Machine wash on delicate, COLD water:

Almost all our faux fur coats can be Machine washed, on delicate, COLD water.

✅ Hang Dry, Brush when dry.
❌ Do Not Tumble Dry, No Ironing, Do Not Bleach
💡 Exception: Dragon Scales (sequins coats) – Dry Clean or Hand Wash in cold water.

Hand Wash:

Hand Wash in cold water is the best way to wash any of the faux fur coats.

✅ Hang Dry, Brush when dry.
❌ Do Not Tumble Dry, No Ironing, Do Not Bleach

Dry Clean:

✅ Dry Clean is a great way to clean your faux fur coat!
💡 Exception: HOLOGRAPHIC Spandex on the lining


Fur: 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyester
  • for all stretchy linings - 100% Polyester
  • for all cotton linings - 100% Cotton
If lining on your coat shiny, sparkly, reflects lights it means that it covered with Hologram layer. This layer might be damaged by chemicals used at the Dry Clean. Hand Wash or Machine Wash in Cold water on delicate coats with Holographic spandex.
See photos of Holographic spandex under this text.