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Master of Spirits Fur Coat

Master of Spirits Fur Coat

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Step into the realm of the unseen. 🌌✨

Master of Spirits: he lives and rules on the crossing of two worlds: material and the world of spirits. Introducing the "Master of Spirits" Fur Coat, where the boundaries of the material world and the spiritual realm blur into a mystical garment. This coat is designed for those who rule both realms, merging tangible warmth with ethereal style.

Features of the "Master of Spirits" Fur Coat:

🌟 Ethereal Elegance: The coat boasts high-quality faux fur exterior in a mesmerizing blend of greys, perfect for those who wish to embody the essence of the spirits. The plush fur is irresistibly soft, ensuring you stay warm while looking otherworldly.

🔄 Reversible Magic: The interior lining features authentic Australian Aboriginal art, depicting spirits ascending to the sky. This unique design not only adds cultural depth but also provides a completely different look when reversed. Wear it with the fur facing inward for added warmth on colder nights.

🛡️ Enveloping Hood: The oversized hood offers extra warmth and a touch of mystery, making you feel like the guardian of two worlds. Perfect for those moments when you need to conceal your aura and blend in with the shadows.

🧳 Practical Pockets: Two large pockets on the fur side are spacious enough to carry all your essentials, whether it's a bottle of water or wine – your choice. On the lining side, two zipped pockets ensure you never lose anything, accommodating phones of any size.

🔒 Secure Fastenings: The coat is meticulously crafted with six large buttons for closure, ensuring you stay snug and stylish as you navigate through realms.

With the "Master of Spirits" Fur Coat, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing – you're donning a mystical experience. Perfect for festivals, chilly nights, or any occasion where you want to add a touch of enchantment to your look. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to look like a spiritual warrior?

Materials: Premium faux fur, Australian cotton lining with Aboriginal art, high-quality buttons, spacious pockets.


Create your own fully custom coat. See all the available materials in our Fabric Catalog and contact us.


It takes about 5-7 days from the custom order until shipping. However, sometimes we can expedite the order for an additional charge. Please contact us.


We offer worldwide shipping: 1-3 business days in the US 🇺🇸; 3-5 business days Internationally 🌎


All our coats are custom-made and handcrafted specifically for you. If you're uncertain about your size, please refer to our size chart and include your detailed measurements in the order notes.


Almost all our faux fur coats can be Machine washed, on delicate, COLD water. See full instructions here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazing coat!

The coat is amazing very well made and Katrina works well with you if you don’t like something !! I first purchased this item with the removable sleeves but didn’t like them so Katrina re did the coat and sent me another one 🤠

Edgy Luxury

Holy f’ing s#€¥! Holy s#€¥! Umm… sister completely killed it when this garment was made. Holy… well you get the picture.

Let me get the one negative out of the way. It’s a bit tight. I’m trying to think how I would squeeze into it after layering a tshirt, colored shirt, tie, and warm wool sweater. It’s summer where I’m at. So, she fits. But…

Now, the seller had ZERO ownership of the garment being a bit tight right now. I own 💯 % of that one. I ate waaaaay too many caramel filled M&Ms over the winter. I got THAT under control now.

So, this coat is masterfully constructed. The silhouette with and w/o the hood up is sexy, alluring, rich 🤑, and everything I wanted it to be. Fabric and faux fur = edgy perfection. Wow!

I mentioned it’s summer here. But, cool evenings are perfect for stripping down and feeling luxury on your skin.😝

Themanana Moo
Exceptional Experience

Great quality, great service, very happy 🪐🌌

Daniel Junker
Festival Faves

Ok 👌

Steve Duda
Cozy Boho

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COAT - so warm and cozy. I got many nice comments wearing it!