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Pastel Girl

Pastel Girl

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🌈 Introducing the Pastel Girl Custom Fur Coat: Embrace the Love, Radiate the Light!

Dive into a world of love and light with the enchanting Pastel Girl Custom Fur Coat—an embodiment of your unique essence. This coat is not just a garment; it's a personalized masterpiece, handmade with love in Los Angeles to illuminate your spirit.

🔀 Dual Radiance: Experience the magic of two looks in one with the reversible design, allowing you to switch effortlessly between expressions of your radiant self.
👑 Hooded Serenity: Envelop yourself in a hood that whispers serenity, enhancing the ethereal beauty of the Pastel Girl coat.
👜 Bountiful Pockets: Two generously sized fur-side pockets invite you to carry your essentials, be it a bottle of water or a celebration-ready bottle of champagne—tailored to your needs.
🔗 Secured Treasures: Two zipped pockets on the lining side ensure that no treasure is ever lost, offering a snug sanctuary for your phone or cherished belongings.
🌬️ Graceful Closure: Seal your bespoke look with five meticulously designed hooks, creating a closure that is both secure and graceful.

Your Pastel Girl coat is a love story in the making, individually crafted in the heart of Los Angeles to reflect the brilliance of your unique light. 🌟💖

Order Details:
📅 Crafting Time: Approximately 5-10 days for the creation of your personalized coat, each stitch resonating with the care it deserves.
🚚 Shipping: Expect your radiant masterpiece to arrive in 2-5 business days within the US and 7-10 business days internationally. Need it sooner? Expedited orders are possible for an additional $50 charge, bringing the magic to you even faster.

You can also add LEDs to this coat. Just purchase this LED listing together with the coat:

Add backpack straps to this coat by purchasing this listing together with this coat:

We can also make you a matching custom leggings from ANY STRETCHY lining fabric. Just purchase this leggings and write a Note with the fabric you chose: 


Also, we can make you a matching crop top and shorts set to elevate you game:


Fabric catalog:

Note: If you choose any Stretchy lining (Arcane Marble for example), we can use it to make legging as well. If you choose a cotton as your lining, you can find a similar matching stretchy fabric from our fabric catalog.

Sizing and Shipping:

Materials: high quality faux fur, cotton or spandex (depends on your choice), 5 covered white hooks, invisible zippers

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