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Jon Snow

Jon Snow

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Winter is coming...

Unleash your inner wilderness with the 'Jon Snow Fur Coat,' a majestic ode to the untamed beauty of the desert and the spirit of Burning Man. Its regal design, complete with a wizard-like hood and proud front collar, embodies the essence of the wild North while commanding the elements.

Luxurious Warmth: Wrapped in its lavish embrace, you'll conquer the chill of deep Playa nights with royal comfort.

Handcrafted Excellence: Meticulously made in Los Angeles, each 'Jon Snow' coat is a masterpiece of custom craftsmanship and desert-inspired allure.

Features for the Adventurous Soul:

❖ Reversible design offers versatility for your desert escapades.
❖ Enigmatic hood adds an air of mystery to your playa adventures.
❖ Spacious fur-side pockets hold your essentials for the journey, from water to celebratory champagne.
❖ Secure zippered lining pockets keep your treasures safe, accommodating even the largest of sand-proof smartphones.
❖ Seven hooks ensure a closure that balances security and style, ready for any desert breeze.

The 'Jon Snow Fur Coat' is more than just outerwear; it's a promise of enduring warmth and companionship through every desert exploration.

Crafted from premium faux fur and two-way stretch fabric, it seamlessly combines comfort and mobility, adorned with five discreetly covered hooks and invisible zippers for an enchanting finish.

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