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Golden Warrior Kimono

Golden Warrior Kimono

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"A warrior's greatest weapon is their mind." – Frank Herbert, Dune

Embrace the strength and elegance of the "Golden Warrior Kimono." This kimono is your ultimate festival companion, effortlessly blending the opulence of black and gold sequins with the unique pattern of bronze and gold lining. Reversible and versatile, it’s designed for those who seek both glamour and comfort in their festival attire.

The Golden Warrior Kimono features an outer layer adorned with shimmering black and gold sequins, capturing the light and turning heads wherever you go. Flip it inside out, and you reveal a stunning lining, offering a completely new look with intricate abstract patterns and random distressed holes that give it an edgy, avant-garde style. The fabric is a shimmering black material with a distressed or perforated texture, highlighted by a metallic finish that gives it a luxurious look similar to gold or bronze. Perfect for sunny days at Burning Man, this kimono offers UV protection to keep you cool and impressive while protecting you from the sun.

Key Features:

✨ Reversible Design: Enjoy two distinct looks in one garment with a dazzling sequin exterior and a patterned bronze and gold lining interior.

🌟 High-Quality Sequins: The outer layer is crafted from premium black and gold sequins that sparkle and shine in the light.

👕 Luxurious Lining: The inside is made from the same material as the t-shirt, featuring a unique abstract pattern with random distressed holes for an edgy, avant-garde style and a metallic gold and bronze finish.

🌬️ Lightweight & Comfortable: Designed for comfort, this kimono is perfect for day-to-night wear at festivals.

☀️ UV Protection: Stay safe from the sun's rays with built-in UV protection, ensuring you can enjoy the outdoors without worry.

Whether you're dancing under the desert stars at Burning Man or strolling through a summer festival, the Golden Warrior Kimono ensures you stand out with its blend of elegance and versatility. Embrace the spirit of the dunes and let this kimono be your stylish guide through any festival adventure.

Materials: Black and gold sequins, bronze and gold lining.


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