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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

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🌹 Embrace the Celebration with the Day of the Dead Red Fur Coat 🌹

The "Day of the Dead" red fur coat is a vibrant fusion of warmth and festivity, designed for those who celebrate life with every step. Adorned in luxurious high-quality faux fur, this coat captures the essence of the iconic Day of the Dead celebrations with its deep red hue and intricate skull-patterned lining. The detailed inner lining, available in either cotton or spandex, adds a touch of artistic flair to this bold piece.

Features of the "Day of the Dead" Red Fur Coat:

🎭 Dual Design Mastery: Ingeniously reversible, offering two distinct, stylish looks in one. Adapt your appearance to match the environment and your mood.

🛡️ Protective Hood: The hood adds an extra layer of warmth and protection, making this coat a perfect companion for outdoor festivities.

🧳 Spacious Pockets: Embrace practicality with large pockets, ideal for keeping your essentials close at hand during your adventures.

🔒 Secure Compartments: The lining side features zippered pockets, perfect for safeguarding valuables. These pockets are thoughtfully designed to fit any size phone, blending practicality with style.

🪝 Refined Closure: Five elegantly crafted hooks secure this coat, blending functionality with a flair for detail.

In this red fur coat, every element harmonizes to create a piece that is more than just outerwear – it's an emblem of festive spirit and stylish celebration. The "Day of the Dead" red fur coat is not just a coat; it's a celebration of life, warmth, and artistic expression.

Materials: High-quality faux fur, cotton or spandex (depending on your choice), 5 covered white hooks, invisible zippers.


Create your own fully custom coat. See all the available materials in our Fabric Catalog and contact us.


It takes about 5-7 days from the custom order until shipping. However, sometimes we can expedite the order for an additional charge. Please contact us.


We offer worldwide shipping: 1-3 business days in the US 🇺🇸; 3-5 business days Internationally 🌎


All our coats are custom-made and handcrafted specifically for you. If you're uncertain about your size, please refer to our size chart and include your detailed measurements in the order notes.


Almost all our faux fur coats can be Machine washed, on delicate, COLD water. See full instructions here.

💬 Questions? Contact us!

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Customer Reviews

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Superb Coats

Had an outstanding experience at BOHOcoats, super nice communication and the quality of the material as well as the work is great. Will definitely come back for more :)

Burning Bliss

Received it in perfect time for burning man, thanks! I love my red coat!!!