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Urban Shaman

Urban Shaman

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Clothes made with heart and strong intention are not just clothes, they are powerful tools.

The URBAN SHAMAN faux fur coat is made using hand embroidery from Peru.
Shipibo tribes call this intentional embroidery Kenu. Some patterns are for protection and healing, some for inner stability and grounding, some to awaken intuition and receive guidance, some for confidence, some to attract meaningful relationships.

Women of the Shibipo tribes, who make such embroideries, say that these designs do not come to mind, but flow from the wisdom of plants and received during Ayahuasca ceremonies as visuals. Some Shipibo women are able to trace their fingers along the lines of these Kene patterns and sing Icaros (traditional chants or mantras). Often, the longer, straighter lines inspire long, straight notes, and curved lines inspire a higher pitch note that sonically arcs or bends. Kene patterns are considered to be healing programs from higher realms, organic technology that the jungle provides for healing the sick, upgrade the physical, mental, and spiritual operating systems of the individuals.

I have several hand Kene embroideries to choose from (I will send photos upon request). Each of them is unique and one of a kind. Then I will pick different fur options and send you photos of them to confirm the final design. It's a little bit more complex process with bigger sizes (XL, XXL) since embroideries are not very big.

If you have your own favorite big tapestry from Peru I can use it as well.

One side of the coat is made of faux fur with short piles (mink). The other side is made of hand embroidery on the body parts and high-quality faux fur on sleeves, collar, and fringe.

♦ reversible!
♦ a collar
♦ 2 big pockets on the fur side
♦ 2 zipped pockets on the lining side (can fit phone of any size)
♦ 7 hooks for closure


This coat will be handmade for you in San Francisco.
It usually takes about 3 weeks to make this coat. However, sometimes we can expedite the order for an additional charge.

Shipping: 3-5 business days in the US, 7-10 business days international.

You can also add LEDs to this vest. Just purchase this LED listing together with the vest

You can also create your own custom coat. See all the available materials here

Care: Dry Clean; Hand Wash; Machine wash in COLD water on Delicate. Hang Dry. No Tumble Dry, No Ironing, No Bleaching

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