What to Wear at Burning Man 2024: Part 1 - Tips for Women

What to Wear at Burning Man 2024: Part 1 - Tips for Women

Many of us have seen those stunning Burning Man photos online and imagined ourselves in those elaborate outfits every day. But the reality of the playa is quite different. Those breathtaking images often feature costumes crafted for the perfect shot or created specifically for a special event on the Playa. Long tails, huge headpieces, large wings, big wedges, heavy clothing, or cloaks with many dangling details can be incredibly inconvenient for daily wear.

You’ll be distracted by them, they’ll snag on things, and using the portapotties will be a challenge.

It’s fine to wear them for a quick photo and a short stroll, but for the most part, your main priority should be comfort. Here is how I would describe my favorite way to dress up at the Burn.

Here is how I would describe my favorite way to dress up at the Burn.

Daytime: Heat and Sun 🌞

Day. Heat. Scorching sun overhead. Primarily, you want something very comfortable, very light. Something that doesn’t restrict your movements and looks good in the sun. Maybe a bit reflective and something that protects you from the sun. Here’s what I found most comfortable and light for all occasions:

  1. Head 🧢:
    • Hooded Clothing: Large hoods attached to kimonos, dusters, or vests are ideal. They won’t get blown away by the wind, and you can easily put them on or take them off as needed. They provide shade and protection from the sun
      Large hoods attached to kimonos, dusters, or vests are ideal for Burning Man
      Large hoods attached to kimonos, dusters, or vests are ideal for Burning Man
  2. Upper Body 👕:
    • Tops: Crop tops and bodysuits are great. They can be made from spandex or other light, stretchy materials. These are comfortable and allow for ease of movement. You may climb art installations, ride bikes, dance, cook.
    • SPF Protection: Use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Reapply regularly. 
      Use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Reapply regularly.
  3. Lower Body 👖:
    • Bottoms: Comfortable shorts or a bodysuit/swimsuit. These options keep you cool and are easy to move in.
    • Footwear: Comfortable closed-toe shoes like Palladium. Sandals may seem convenient, but they're not practical since you also need to protect your feet from playa dust. Happy feet, happy Burner! 
  4. General Accessories 🛠️:
    • Umbrellas: Some use umbrellas for shade, though it can be cumbersome for Burning Man. A hooded kimono or duster is a great alternative.
    • Backpack: Light and easy, with essentials like water, snacks, SPF, zip lock for trash and moop, lip balm, eye drops.
    • Dust Mask and Goggles


Some use umbrellas for shade, though it can be cumbersome at Burning Man

Nighttime: Cold and Wind 🌙

The nights can be very cold with strong winds, sometimes dropping to freezing temperatures. Warm nights are possible, like in 2019, but be prepared for the cold, like in 2015, when temperatures dropped to freezing, and people wore layers upon layers, sitting by fires.

Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Head 🧢:
    • Warm Hats: A warm hat or a hood from your fur coat or vest. This will keep your head warm and protect you from the wind at Burning Man 2024.
    • Scarves and Hoods: For extra warmth, use warm scarves and hoods.
  2. Upper Body 👕:
    • Jackets and Coats: Fur coats or vests for warmth. Arm warmers if wearing a vest.
    • Layers: Usually, layers like sweaters or thermal tops are only needed if it’s an extremely cold Burn (temperatures dropping to 45°F). Generally, plan for an average Burn, which is about 50-55°F at night.
  3. Lower Body 👖:
    • Bottoms: Leggings are the best. Provide you with freedom for movements at Burning Man. Also, you may go for velvet leggings which are much warmer than regular lycra or spandex.
    • Footwear: Simple boots or sneakers. You may add fur leg warmers for extra warmth.
    • Accessories: Light is an essential part of your night outfit, because it’s not only about the look, but also your safety. You need to be visible. LEDs on the perimeter of the coat, light-up jewelry, light on the backpack.

Combined Look for Long Adventures 🛠️

For those planning long adventures, transitioning your outfit from day to night is essential. Burning Man is full of incredible unique activities. For example, you want to start your day with yoga, breathing exercises, then go to talks and workshops, then have lunch or dinner at a camp that cooks incredible meals for everyone, then you want to go for a ride on desert windsurfs, then go dance a Sunset set with a favorite DJ, then go watch a fire show, catch a ride on an art car, get lost in surrealistic art installations of the Playa, have an incredibly deep conversation with a stranger, join a tea ceremony, then greet a Sunrise at Robot Heart, walk into a peaceful desert morning, take a nap after a sound healing… and it’s been like 35 hours since you left your camp. It’s all possible and actually the best way to spend your Burn. But you need to plan ahead how to adjust easily to changing temperatures at Burning Man, and what are the essentials you need to pack with you. Make sure not to overpack as well.

Here’s a step-by-step:

  • Leaving your camp in the morning:
    • Shorts, top, dust mask, goggles, fur vest with a hood.
    • Pack into your backpack: fur arm warmers, fur leg warmers, leggings, a small turtleneck.
  • Evening:
    • When the sun sets down, put on leggings over your shorts (or instead) as temperatures drop.
    • Around 2-3 am it may get really cold, so you will need to layer up with fur arm warmers and fur leg warmers.
  • Flexibility: Adjust as temperatures change. Remove layers as the sun rises and temperatures increase.

By planning your outfits with these transitions in mind, you can enjoy all Burning Man 2024 has to offer without constantly returning to your camp. Drink plenty of water, eat at various camps offering food, and make sure your attire can adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the playa.

Conclusion ✨

Burning Man is a unique experience where creativity and self-expression reign supreme. Your attire plays a significant role in not only how you look, but how you feel and interact with the city. I hope that following these few tips will help you have an incredible at Burning Man 2024 full of adventures and mind-blowing stories! Remember, comfort is the key!

I am always curious how other people found their perfect Playa attire to enjoy their Burn. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Happy Burn! 🔥

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