The Ultimate Guide to AfrikaBurn: Tips and Recommendations for an Unforgettable Experience

The Ultimate Guide to AfrikaBurn: Tips and Recommendations for an Unforgettable Experience

AfrikaBurn (official Burning Man Regional event) 2024 will take place from April 29 to May 5, 2024 in Quaggapfontein, Tankwa Karoo, South Africa. AfrikaBurn is not just a festival; it's a journey into the heart of the Tankwa Karoo, a temporary city of art, expression, and community. As you prepare to embark on this adventure, here are the most valued tips and recommendations from experienced participants to ensure you have an enriching and memorable experience.

AfrikaBurn is a community of participants who collaborate to create art, costumes, performances, theme camps, music, mutant vehicles, and much more. This is all accomplished through a culture of volunteering and gifting.

🎒 Before You Go


Ensure you purchase your tickets from the official AfrikaBurn website to avoid scams. There are various ticket tiers available, so choose one that suits your budget and intention for the festival.

Packing Essentials

The Dune movie arguably presents the best survival guide. If you haven't seen it yet, we highly recommend you do.

  • Water: The number one rule is to bring plenty of water. The desert is unforgiving, and staying hydrated is crucial. Aim to have at least one gallon (about 3.8 liters) of water per person per day.
  • Shelter: A sturdy tent and shade structure will protect you from the sun and dust storms.
  • Food: Pack non-perishable food items and cooking equipment: there is nothing on sale but ice. Remember, you must take all your garbage home with you.
  • Clothing: Prepare for both the scorching days and chilly nights. Bring comfortable, breathable clothing for the day and warm layers for the night, like faux fur coat or vest. Take a pair of socks for each day and night on the event (with at least 80% of natural fabric, avoid synthetics).
  • Power: If your camp doesn't have a portable generator, you might want to bring a personal small portable solar panel. A 30 watt portable solar panel should be enough to charge small devices such as phones or cameras.
  • Shower: There is no centralized shower or water source. If your camp doesn't have a shower, you can always use wet flushable wipes. Be sure to bring one or two large packs with you.
  • Shoes: Make sure that your shoes fit you well. Take one breathable pair for the day and warmer for the night, of just take a pair of warm socks. You will be walking a lot.
  • Backpack: always take small backpack with you to put water, snacks, scarf, warm clothes, wet wipes, cup, trash bag, sun glasses and LED lights for your unforgettable journey.
  • First Aid: Bring a first aid kit for minor injuries and know the location of the medical tents for more serious issues.

🥳 At the Festival


AfrikaBurn is built on the principle of participation. Get involved, join a theme camp, or volunteer. Your experience is what you make of it.

Gifting Economy

Embrace the 'gifting economy'. There are no sales at AfrikaBurn, so be prepared to barter or share resources like water, food, and sunscreen.

Art and Expression

Let your creativity run wild. Contribute to the art installations or express yourself through your attire. Remember, AfrikaBurn is a place where eccentricity meets beauty.

Leave No Trace

Respect the environment. Anything you bring in, you must take out with you. This includes all trash and belongings. Therefore, make sure to bring enough sturdy trash bags.

Navigate through all AfrikaBurn principles.

🛟 Safety and Survival Tips

Weather Conditions

🌞 Daytime

  • Temperature: The Tankwa Karoo desert can reach high temperatures during the day, often in the high 90°F (above 30°C). Therefore, it's crucial to stay hydrated by drinking water constantly. Always carry at least a quarter gallon (1L) with you.
  • Sun: The sun is intense, and there’s little to no shade available. To protect your skin consider wearing long-sleeved, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable material. You may also need a hat or rag head cover. UV protection sunglasses and a lightweight scarf or bandana to cover your neck and shoulders are a must.
  • Dryness: The air is extremely dry, which can quickly dehydrate you if you’re not careful to drink water regularly and apply a nasal gel (e.g. Vaseline) inside the nostrils to provide additional moisture and protection.

🌚 Nighttime:

  • Temperature Drop: The temperature can drop significantly at night, occasionally reaching freezing levels. The temperature tends to drop rapidly right after sunset, so always carry something warm in your backpack if you're away from your camp after sunset.
  • Wind: The desert can be windy, which can make the nights feel even colder and requires secure tent setups.

🌪️ Dust Storms

Be prepared for dust storms by considering the use of sun-protective ski glasses and a mask, or a scarf, to cover your nose and mouth for safe navigation on the Playa. Consider installing free offline maps like Organic Maps for navigation during the storm.

😌 After the Burn


After immersing yourself in the intense environment of AfrikaBurn, give yourself time to adjust back to the default world. Attend decompression events to share stories and maintain connections.

Reflect and Share

Take time to reflect on your experiences and share them with others. Your stories can inspire future burners and contribute to the community's collective memory.

Plan for Next Year

If you've fallen in love with AfrikaBurn, start planning for next year. Early preparation can make your next journey even more spectacular.

📝 Conclusion

AfrikaBurn is an experience like no other, blending art, community, and self-expression in the most extraordinary ways. By following these tips and recommendations from seasoned participants, you'll be well on your way to having an unforgettable adventure in the Tankwa Karoo. Remember, the magic of AfrikaBurn is not just in the spectacle, but in the participation, the connections, and the memories you'll carry with you long after the desert dust has settled.

Wishing you a fantastic burn! 🔥

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